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BREAKING NEWS|Austin Harris Sacked Over Payola

STAR 92.7 has fired their ace radio presenter Austin Harris over payola and will be opening a criminal case over it as well.

STAR 92.7 confirms Mr. Harris has been booted from the radio station where he is the host of Straight Talk after admitting to having accepted “some form of enticement in exchange for playlisting music on his flagship show”.

Payola – the exchange of money, gifts and favors to radio presenters and playlist compilers who then favor, slot and play certain songs more – remains a worldwide problem.

STAR 92.7 in a statement says “there is a process at this station to submit music and would like to encourage members of the public not to engage in payola and should they encounter such challenges, to bring it to the attention” of STAR 92.7.

Stay tuned.


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