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BREAKING: Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Usain Bolt for Defiling 14 year Old Girl

Police in Rio has issued an arrest warrant for Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt for defiling a 14 year old girl few days after photographs of him in bed with a Brazilian student went viral on the internet he was photographed in Rio.

The mother of the student who filed the complaint said the daughter is only 14 years old which makes their affair defilement. Usain Bolt has since been arrested by Interpol Jamaica and has been prepared for extradition to face the law in Brazil.

Legal analyst say the fastest runner could spend up to 15 years in jail if found guilty. His Legal team is working around the clock to represent him in court.

Jady Duarte, who gave her age to Usain Bolt as 20 shared pictures of the topless athlete on Whatsapp as more photographs emerged reportedly showing Bolt kissing a second woman at the club.

The Olympic champion is seen kissing the mystery brunette, who was wearing a lanyard with Olympic branding, in the VIP area at the venue, according to the MailOnline.


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