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ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Philippines’ President for Police Brutalities

The International Criminal Courts in Hague, Netherlands have issued an arrest warrant for Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte over the killings of hundreds of people in the Philipines’ under the guise of an anti-drug campaign.

Despite several warnings from the UN, President Duterte backed the killing of nearly 600 suspects within few weeks.
Duterte’s legal counsel has reiterated his position to the UN that, he [Duterte] is not committing any crime by mere killing suspects.

“These are just suspects and they have not been tried in any court of law. You cannot just go around killing them. He is abusing his presidential powers. No one supports drug trades. We are all interested in helping the fight the menace but that does not give anyone the privilege to lives without a proper trial. Duterte must be arrested.” – A law professor spoke to the media on condition of anonymity.

The warrant issued for his arrest [Duterte] means he could be arrested anytime he travels outside the Philippines to any country has ratified the ICC convention.


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