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BREAKING NEWS: South African Parliament Legalize Marijuana

The South African Parliament yesterday voted in favor of legalizing Marijuana after over 100 years of prohibition.

In 1908 the first law prohibiting the sale of marijuana also known as weed, pot or dagga in South Africa was passed. Fast forward a century later to the present day, a networked group of “green” people have come together in the country to fight for the legalization of dagga in the High Courts of South Africa.

A total of 472 of the total 490 members of the House were present to partake in the voting process. 419 voted for the abolishment of the existing law. Under the new law, one can legally poses marijuana at all time and use it any place permissible.

Anyone arrested for the possession of marijuana for any other reason would be required by the law to cultivate 5 hectares of the plant before S/he would be discharged.


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